Traditional Acupuncture originated in China and other far eastern cultures where it still features in mainstream healthcare. Because traditional acupuncture aims to treat the whole person rather than specific symptoms in isolation, it can be effective for a range of conditions.

The treatment involves the insertion of very fine needles into special points on energy lines of the body known as meridians.  Acupuncture points are selected according to your symptoms. Needles are used once only, are sterile and disposable. Treatment may also include moxibustion (the burning of dried herbs on the needle) and acupressure massage. Practitioners are trained in Oriental Medicine using pulse, body and tongue diagnosis and puts together a treatment plan for each patient. Responses to treatment can sometimes include tiredness and mild light headiness, but all reactions are short-lived.

Fees £60 first consultation and treatment – 1 hour  £50 subsequent visit.

Community Clinic £40 first consultation – 45 minutes. £25 subsequent visit.

Practitoner:   Kirsten Germann