Psycho-Spiritual Counselling


Psycho-Spiritual counselling helps us answer one of life’s most personal and deeply felt questions – ‘Who am I?’ Answers to all other questions begin to fall into place when we really get the answer to this one. Knowing the truth of who we are enables us to fully engage with and heal the emotional upsets, shocks, traumas and abuses in our lives, and to recognise and dissolve the many ways we unconsciously sabotage our happiness and fulfilment.
The journey of recovery to Self is both emotional and spiritual (thus ‘psycho-spiritual’ counselling). If we are to know our wholeness, both emotional recovery and spiritual recovery are required. They are inseparable allies, for emotional recovery doesn’t fulfil itself without spiritual awareness of our true nature (we can all too easily get stuck in our stories and emotions), yet a spiritual foundation is always shaky without the ability to fully embrace all our thoughts and feelings however frightening or unwanted they may be. An integrated response to life’s challenges includes both.

When we really get who we are, and allow ourselves to be fully present with all that is going on for us, life becomes spacious, free, joyful, abundant, and much much easier. We experience our true aliveness.

Robin Ravenhill is a registered psycho-spiritual counsellor, having trained at the OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary in London 13 years ago. His approach is intuitive, engaged, and compassionate. He works with people from all backgrounds and beliefs (or none). All stories are welcome, as is your willingness to grow: Robin helps people who would love to know who they really are, who lack direction and purpose, suffer from doubt and low self-esteem, who feel something important is missing, have ongoing relationship issues, who have experienced loss, trauma or abuse (emotional, sexual, physical) and are struggling to recover, and people who are still suffering even after trying ‘everything’.

If you would like to speak to Robin before booking an appointment, to learn more about his approach and to find out if he can help you, contact him directly on 07891 892652, email or visit


Adults (age 18 and over) – Sessions 1-1¼ hours – £55

Children (age 17 and under) – Sessions 1-1¼ hours – £45

Fee is the same for individuals and couples.

Fee for longer sessions by negotiation.

I offer fee reductions by negotiation when necessary.

Practitioner Robin Ravenhill