Lucilla Ravenhill Testimonials

I have been seeing Lucilla for 14 years and receiving the Bowen Technique sometimes monthly, sometimes yearly. When my back is bad I have trouble lifting my legs and walking is painful and running impossible. After Bowen with Lucilla I can play tennis again and have a normal life. Before Lucilla I saw a chiropractor and a physio who gave me only temporary relief. I have recommended Lucilla over the years to many friends and family and they have all been very happy with the improvement of their particular ailment.

J H-B July 21, 2016

I had suffered from severe plantar fasciitis for over 18 mths and tried numerous treatments but nothing worked. I went to see Lucilla. To start with it didn't feel like it was having any effect, but after the second appointment I began to notice the pain eased considerably. By the end of the thrird session the tenderness had disappeared and I was able to walk without pain. I have been symptom free ever since. I would highly recommend both Lucilla and the Bowen Technique.

JA July 21, 2016