Harry Boys

Harry Boys – Herbal Medicine

P1000256Harry’s interest in healing dates from 1972, as a student practising Yoga.   Experimenting with exercise, diet and lifestyle led to him training for massage and herbal medicine in the 1980s, qualifying initially at The Churchill Centre, central London, with certification through The International Therapy Examination Council.

After graduating from the School of Herbal Medicine he managed a herbal training clinic in Balham, south London, and since moving to Eastbourne in 1996 has coordinated the many medical and therapeutic activities here at the
Eastbourne Clinic of Natural Medicine. In herbal practice he has seen a considerable variety of presenting conditions, particularly digestive and respiratory disorders; acute as well as chronic infections, infertility and other hormonal disruption such as PMT; and conditions where stress and fatigue are the underlying factors.

Harry always emphasizes the importance of better nutrition as part of a recovery from illness, also exercise and relaxation where appropriate – a proper balance of Nature Cure generally.

Having experience over forty years of various meditation disciplines, he communicates some of that too into the work of helping people suffering pain and distress, both physical and psychological.

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