Ferga Robinson

Ferga Robinson – Counselling, Psychotherapy & CBT

FergaFerga gained an introductory certificate in Pastoral Care and Counselling in London (1988) and diplomas in Counselling from Croydon College (1992) and Stress Management from the Centre for Stress Management (1996), also a post-graduate diploma in Psychosexual Therapy from the University of Manchester Medical School, Department of Psychiatry (1997).

During the mid 1980s she worked in bereavement counselling and trained as a psychodynamic counsellor with the Croydon Pastoral Foundation, as well as doing a training apprenticeship in Cognitive Analytical Therapy at Guy’s Hospital; and in 1993 she trained as leader of a Divorce and Separation Recovery programme in Oxford.

Ferga qualified additionally with a conversion diploma in Psychology for Graduates from London Guildhall University in 2002. She has worked for the Alcohol Assistance Programme and as a consultant for the Employee Assistance Programme; and since 1994 has been senior therapist, team leader and supervisor at the Sexual and Relationship Problems Clinic at the Maudsley Hospital and the York Clinic at Guy’s Hospital.

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