About us

Harry Boys and partner Sally manage the Eastbourne Clinic of Natural Medicine and provide a helpful professional service. They have fostered a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and much care is taken to make visitors feel welcome.

“The clinic is a peaceful haven where our problems can be thoroughly investigated with no time constraints”. M.B


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Harry has many years experience in the complementary health field and practises herbal medicine. His dispensary, stocks both herbal and homeopathic medicines.  Many health supplements, skin creams and homeopathic remedies are available for sale or can be ordered from the clinic. Various superfoods can also be bought.

How we practise
Our practitioners work in a cooperative environment, which makes it easier to adopt more than one therapeutic approach in a recovery programme where that is appropriate. In consultation they consider the patient as a whole person and aim to address underlying imbalances causing poor health rather than treating just superficial symptoms of the disorder.

Visitors are welcome to call into the clinic or telephone for information or advice and to book appointments. Home visits can also be arranged.

Conditions which have responded well to treatment include:
Allergies & food intolerances
Acute illnesses
Digestive problems
Musculoskeletal problems
Skin conditions
Stress related illnesses
Hormonal problems
Ear, nose & throat disorders
Psychological problems
Respiratory conditions